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Singing lessons merrylands west is the singing lesson department of Shine Music School Chatswood and Parramatta. Our Singing teaching services include teaching all styles of Singing including: beginner technique, adults, pop, musical theatre, contemporary and jazz Singing. All the Singing lessons at singing lessons merrylands west are taught by our head singing teachers Hayley and Adriana. Hayley and Adriana’s primary passion in life is finding the most enjoyable pieces for her students to practice.

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To book a Singing lesson with singing lessons merrylands west, please call 96879978 today. We would love to hear from you.

Singing lessons merrylands west is dedicated to ensuring the continual improvement of all students and recommends that all students follow these particular recommendations to improving their singing progress.

  1. Always practice at least 3 hours a week to ensure constant improvement.
  2. Weekly singing lessons will ensure that we focus on developing good habits and habit correction each week.
  3. Take plenty of notes during and after class to ensure that you remember all the little points the teacher makes during class
  4. When practicing clear away all distractions. Turn off your phone, go to the toilet before you practice and definitely not TV or internet nearby!
  5. Develop a routine, pick a time of the day that is practice time, just like how there is a set time of day for sleeping and eating, pick a time for practicing!
  6. Have a good instrument to practice on. Try to spend as much as you can afford on a nice instrument and it will definitely help with your overall motivation and comfort when practicing.
  7. Make your singing lesson and practice a priority. Dinner plans, your favourite TV show, birthday parties will just have to wait and can be attended after the lesson.
  8. Come to your singing lesson 15 minutes early! Singing lessons merrylands west’s best parking is on Centennial Ave Chatswood so park there, and take your time crossing the Pacific Hwy. It’s a very busy road so give it a few minutes to wait for the lights.
  9. Have plenty of energy for your lesson. No late night parties before your lesson, have your three meals a day and a snack if your last meal was over four hours ago.
  10. Have a positive attitude to learning, the lesson is going to be great and your teacher is just here to help and encourage you.

Singing Lessons merrylands west is dedicated to improving the musical lives of all the music lovers in the merrylands west. We hope to see you soon! Just call 96879978 to book in a lesson, or email us on